Our mission at REN is to co-create the experience of designing and manufacturing the highest quality, most technical and performance driven sports-specific uniforms and apparel. Our team here at REN, comprised of athletes, textile and design experts collaborate with you and your team to make your branding visions become a reality. It is our mission to foster a culture of invention and innovation. You dream it. We build it.


We take pride in providing the best. Our premium, exclusive fabrics sourced internationally and our performance driven designs are crafted to enhance every movement. Our products are 100% custom to complement all styles and personal preferences.


The word REN, an early Confucian virtue derived from the Chinese Culture means “people”, more specifically relating to humaneness and the act of enlarging others through human interaction and shared experience. The notion of REN relies heavily on the relationships between two people and that is what we pride ourselves in. Our relentless customer service and ‘on-point/on-time’ delivery makes your REN experience one of a kind.

We aren’t just selling a product. We are selling an experience. A shared, collaborative experience in which we thrive together to create the best. You bring the vision and we cultivate that vision in a way that improves comfortability and enhances performance.

We are a small company. We are intimate; we are prompt; we encourage collaboration, and we strive to help you reach your goals. Don’t trust us?

We are so confident in our products and our services that we encourage you to reach out to our staff members as well as our current teams and ask about their REN experience.


What Other Clubs Say


What Our Clubs Have to Say

“The team at REN helps you through the process of getting your teams outfitted. From designing the jerseys to getting the products to the players and every step in between. They take the time to find out what your club is about and how to best suit your needs. They value our opinion and really take our feedback into consideration. The best part is that our players love the product. How it fits, how it feels, and how it looks on them.”

-Ralph Rivera, Saddleback Volleyball Club