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Updated: Jul 6, 2021

Lexi Sun gives her reasoning behind partnering with REN Athletics!

The How -

As soon as I nailed down exactly what I wanted to do, I started thinking about the how. How do I design something that isn’t just another sweatshirt? How do I design something that incorporates my own personal style, while also maintaining quality? How do I create a logo that is simple?

When I found REN Athletics, I knew that they were going to help me achieve everything I wanted, and more.

What I love about REN Athletics isn’t just the quality…it’s the people. Not only do I trust their expertise in garment construction and fabric, but I trust that their visions and their intentions align with exactly what I am looking for in a partnership.

REN Athletics is a volleyball apparel company to its core. I worked with ex-National Team members, ex-professional players, All-Americans and National Champions! I worked alongside company executives who had all once stood in the same shoes that I am standing in today. Think about that. Yeah…the volleyball world is pretty special. - Lexi Sun

We are so excited to have Lexi as part of the REN Athletic family!

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